Study Finds Sharp Rise in Colon Cancer and Rectal Cancer Rates Among Young Adults
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Source: American Cancer Society

Breast Cancer Symptoms: What you Need to Know
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Addressing Disparities and Promoting Health Equity 
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Source: American Cancer Society

2016 Annual Cancer Symposium Focused on Mental Health Issues in Cancer Care
September 2016

The Dr. Deborah Brathwaite Annual Cancer Symposium was held on Saturday, September 17, 2016 at Kings County Hospital Center, Brooklyn, NY. 

The theme this year is "Mental Health Issues in Cancer Care, and Sonia Cole, MD, Adult Psychiatry and Neurology delivered the keynote address. Kenisha Russell, RN of Ambulatory Care discussed how Kings County integrates Behavioral Health in all aspects of care.

The symposium is a collaborative effort of three Caribbean community organizations:  Barbados Cancer Association USA (BACA), Inc., Barbados Nurses’ Association of America, Inc. (BNAA) and Caribbean American Medical and Scientific Association, Inc. (CAMSA).  It was chaired by Vashti Watson, BACA’s Education Committee Chairperson and over 50 people were in attendance.

Colorectal Cancer Awareness
March 2016

March is colorectal cancer awareness month. Colorectal cancer (CRC) is the fourth most common cancer in the United States and the second leading cause of death from cancer. It affects all racial and ethnic groups and is most often found in people ages 50 and older.

CRC is the second most common cancer among African American women and the third most common cancer for African American men. The mortality rate from CRC is highest among African Americans compared to other racial or ethnic group. Much of the disparity in mortality is likely due to late diagnosis which may be the result from unequal access to screening and other factors.

The best way to prevent CRC is to get screened regularly starting at age 50 or earlier for those with increased risks. There are often no signs or symptoms of CRC – that’s why it’s so important to get screened.

Everyone can take these healthy steps to help prevent colorectal cancer:

  • Get screened starting at age 50 or earlier if at increased risk.
  • Quit smoking and avoid secondhand smoke.
  • Get plenty of physical activity and eat healthy.

For more information, please visit the following sites: 

World Cancer Research International
American Cancer Society

2015 Annual Symposium Focused on Lifestyle and Cancer

The annual cancer symposium sponsored by BACA, the Caribbean American Medical & Scientific Association (CAMSA) and the Barbados Nurses Association of America (BNAA) was held on Saturday, September 19, 2015 in the Lillian Minkin Ballroom at the Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center, Brooklyn, NY at 4 pm. Lifestyle issues such as diet and exercise were discussed as they relate to reducing cancer risk.

2014 Annual Symposium Highlighted Disparities in Cancer Services

"Breast Cancer Inequities" was the theme of the annual cancer symposium sponsored by BACA, Caribbean American Medical & Scientific Association(CAMSA) and Barbados Nurses' Association of America (BNAA).  The symposium was held at the Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center, Brooklyn, New York on  September 13, 2014.

Keynote speaker, Dr. Kathie-Ann Joseph, director of breast services at Bellevue Hospital discussed disparities in cancer services for the African-American population versus the population at large.

As a result of the symposium, 85% of attendees reported a significant increase in knowledge about breast cancer inequities, 94% reported being more likely to be vigilant in following cancer screening guidelines for themselves and 94% reported being more likely to encourage family members to follow cancer screening guidelines.